EDTA Tetrasodium 25kg
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Versene* 220 Crystals / Tetrasodium EthyleneDiamineTetraAcetate tetrahydrate The tetrasodium salt of EDTA, the most suitable form for use in soap and most cosmetics. Can be used in a wide variety of personal care products to increase effectiveness and improve stability. In soap to improve hard water performance, rinsability and shelf life. A chelating agent, EDTA ties up metal ions in products, helping the anti-oxidant to work better and protecting other ingredients. Na4EDTA is the strongest, most versatile and widely used chelant for controlling metal ions over a broad pH range. It will not chelate monovalent metal ions such as sodium or potassium, but will chelate most multivalent metal ions (Fe, Cu, Mn, Ca, Mg, Zn) in a 1:1 molar ratio. The chelation reaction is virtually instantaneous in most cases. Calcium and other alkaline earth metals are most effectively chelated above pH 6. Tetrasodium EDTA chelates most transition metals below pH 12. Stable under widely varying conditions of temperature, acidity, alkalinity and the presence of other chemicals. It is attacked by strong oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite bleach however. If BHT is used as the anti-oxidant in your soap formula, it's recommended to use EDTA as well or the soap will tend to yellow if BHT is used alone. Appearance: White crystalline powder pH: 11 (1 wt% solution) Molecular Weight: 452.2 Water Solubility: 50.7 wt% at 25C/77F Chemical Formula: C10H12N2O8Na4 or 4H2O CAS: 13235-36-4 Use method: Add to water phase of emulsions, or water/lye solution for soap. Conversion: To replace 1 measure (pound, kilo, gram) of Versene 100 (liquid), use 0.466 of Versene 220 Crystals. So for example if your formula currently calls for 100g of Versene 100 liquid, you would use 46.6g of Versene 220 Crystals. Conversely, to replace 1 measure of Versene 220 Crystals, you would use 2.15 times as much Versene 100 liquid. Use Rate: Based on the manufacturer's recommended use rate of 0.25% w/w for Versene 100, it would be 0.117% w/w for Versene 220 Crystals. In comparison to Versene 100, Versene 220 Crystals are useful in formulating dry products, or products where total water content must be kept to a minimum. There are also freight savings over the liquid EDTA. Versene 220 Crystals are a higher purity alternative to both the liquid Versene 100 and Versene powders. Because it is a crystallized product, it doesn't contain any of the impurities present in the powders or other EDTA products.

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