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Colours, Pigments, Glitters and Micas

This page was last updated on March 12, 2012 - content last updated December 2, 2010. (previous update was 2003)

FD&C Liquid Colours
Black Colour:
At the amount of colour we used for testing, the m&p bar is actually a very dark green (looks black but gives green lather). The cp bars are actually a very dark red.
Dark Blue Colour:
dark blue
Sky Blue Colour:
sky blue
Green Colour:
Orange Colour:
Peach Colour:
Pink Colour (cold process soap only):
Purple Colour:
Red Colour:
Teal Green Colour (cold process soap only, teal on left, teal and yellow on right):
Yellow Colour:

Some primary colour blends:

Blue and Red Colours mixed together:
blue and red
M&P bar is actually a very dark emerald green colour.
Blue and Yellow Colours mixed together:
blue and yellow
In general with the limited testing we've done on these colours, it is hard to get a purple in m&p. The red will be progressively orange in soap until enough is added to get red. It seems to be hard to get a true red in m&p just using the red, perhaps with some blending it may be possible.

Pigment Results in CP Soap

Chromium Hydroxide Green:
chromium hydroxide green
Chromium Oxide Green:
chromium oxide green
Bar on right incorporated some titanium dioxide.
Iron Oxide Red:
iron oxide red
Bar on left incorporated a small amount of black oxide, bar on right some titanium dioxide.
Ultramarine Blue:
ultramarine blue
Ultramarine Pink:
ultramarine pink
Ultramarine Violet:
ultramarine violet

This testing was done in our soap formula which is quite white. The colour of the soap base can affect the end result, especially if it's really yellow. These photos are just to give you a general idea, many more variations in shade and colour are obtainable by using varying amounts of pigment or by blending with black oxide or titanium dioxide. Please note all the above testing in soap and photos are from prior to 2003.

Manganese Violet:
manganese violet

Photos of Glitters
our line of glitters
Black Glitter:
black glitter
Blue Glitter:
blue glitter
Fuchsia Glitter:
fuchsia glitter
Gold Glitter:
gold glitter
Iridescent Glitter:
iridescent glitter
Red Glitter:
red glitter
Silver Glitter:
silver glitter
Photos of Micas
our line of micas
Amethyst Mica:
amethyst mica
Black Mica:
black mica
Bronze Mica:
bronze mica
Copper Mica:
copper mica
Emerald Mica:
emerald mica
Gold Mica:
gold mica
Pink Mica:
pink mica
Ruby Mica:
ruby mica
Sapphire Mica:
sapphire mica
Silver Mica:
silver mica
Silk Mica:
silk mica