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This page was last updated November 27, 2022

My email / reply to you is bouncing, how do we communicate?
If your email to us is not getting through, please try sending to our back up which is oshunsupply (at) gmail. Please know that we are constantly frustrated by our emails to you not going through. Often this is because our mail to you about your order is in your junk. We currently have a huge stack of order sheets that we never heard any reply to our emails about. So please check your junk folder
Can I come and pick up my order?
Yes. There is a 'Pick Up in Salmon Arm - V&C Courier' option you can select as your shipping method. Please see our Shipping & Pick Up Info Page for details
Can I come and see the products and buy them there?
No. We are an online wholesale company, and we don't have a showroom
How much is the shipping?
Most of our orders ship via Expedited Post because it's the cheapest shipping and fast too. If you need a shipping quote you can select Quote Shipping First as your shipping method when ordering, or just select Cheapest as your shipping method to get the lowest rate at time of shipping
I just need a small order, can I place an order for less than the minimum?
All orders must meet the $250 order minimum. Our ordering system will not complete an order unless it is over $250
Can I get samples before ordering?
Absolutely. Please send us a sample request email containing your full name, company name, full postal mailing address, phone number and product codes of which item(s) you are wanting a sample of
Can I just phone in my order?
No, there is no one staffing the phone to take phone orders. Please place your order on our web site
I can't place an order on the web site, it won't load the page, what do I do?
It's usually something not updated that causes problems so the first things to try are to make sure your browser and anti virus are updated, clear cache, restart device and try again
Can I email my order?
If you are a regular client and we already have your payment and shipping info on file and you can't for some reason place your order yourself, we can place it for you. If it's your first order (or if it's a long list of items), please place your order on the web site
Can someone please call me, I want to talk to someone on the phone?
Sorry, we just don't have the staff to operate that way. If you have questions you're unable to find the answers to on our web site, we'd be more than happy to help via email


Most questions can be answered by reading our Ordering Policies and our Shipping Info pages. Here are some other Q & A:
How do I place an order with Oshun Supply?
You can place your order right from this web site, at your convenience, 24/7. Simply click on a product category and begin your order. To add an item to your order, just click on the "Add To Order" button. For more detailed assistance with ordering, please see our How To Order Page
Can I fax in a purchase order, order by phone or email?
All orders must be placed on our web site. We have set up our ordering system so that it is efficient and we can continue to provide fast shipping of orders. We do not pay staff to answer the phone, the cost savings are passed on to you in the product pricing. If you are having a problem ordering please see our How To Order or Shopping Help pages. If you wish to associate a PO (purchase order) number to your order, you may enter it in the PST Number field
What payment terms do you offer?
All orders are prepaid. We accept many different payment methods. Sorry, we do not offer Net 30 terms. Please see our Ordering Policies Page for details about the payment methods accepted
What about security? I'm a little leary about giving my credit card information over the internet
Our web site is secure and the safest way to provide payment info. You can also verify the security of our web site by clicking on the little lock icon at the bottom of your browser when on a secure page to view our security certificate. Offline we also take measures to protect your privacy and data. Please see our Security and Privacy Statement Page. We do also offer you the option of providing your payment information offline. Please see the Offline payment method on our Ordering Policies page for details
What about privacy? What will you use our contact information for?
Your contact information is used to process and ship your order only. We are strongly against all methods of unsolicited sales, including bulk mail, telemarketing and spam. We will never share your information with anyone else and will never use it to spam you either. If you have been a client of ours for any length of time, you'll already know we do not send out emails plugging products or trying to solicit sales. We also do not maintain a database of the information collected from orders. We do have a database in our Canada Post EST/VCD shipping software which makes shipping to existing clients much easier and faster. We may ocassionally send out emails with holiday schedules or to pass along important news. Please see our Security and Privacy Statement Page for more details
Do you have a minimum order requirement?
Our minimum order is $250. Sorry, we are unable to accept orders that do not meet the minimum. Although we are a wholesale company and most of our sales are B2B, we are happy to accept orders from individuals, hobbyists, soapmakers, crafters, students, aromatherapists, M.D.s, N.D.s, RMTs, universities, government agencies, schools, religious organizations and fundraisers provided the minimum order is met. There are no minimums on product quantities
What method are orders shipped by?
Most of our orders are shipped by Canada Post Expedited Parcel, a service that is fast and cost effective. We enjoy good rates due to the volume of shipping we do. By shipping by post, we can not only offer the lowest cost shipping available, but also ship to any address in North America including PO Boxes. Other shipping methods are available. For more information about shipping, please see our Shipping Info Page
Can I use my own carrier / freight company?
Absolutely. Select that as your shipping method and you will be contacted by email when the order is ready for pick up with the shipment info for you to arrange the pick up and email the shipping labels to us
How long does it take to get an order?
All orders are shipped out as soon as possible. We ship every day. If an item is out of stock or there will be any delay in shipping your order, we will email you and let you know
Where do you ship to?
We can ship to all addresses, including PO Boxes, within Canada and the United States. We do not ship outside N. America at this time
I'm local, can I come pick up my order?
All orders are shipped out. We do not have a showroom and our business license does not permit customers on the property. We do have options for free local pick up and delivery. Please click here to see our Shipping & Pick Up Info Page for details
How much do you charge for shipping?
The shipping cost is determined by the weight, dimensions and destination of the shipment. We charge the exact shipping cost for the prepay & add methods. For detailed shipping info please see our Shipping Info Page
How much is your handling fee?
There is no handling fee
What kind of products do you carry?
We have hundreds of in-stock products that could be generally classified as cosmetic and personal care ingredients or raw materials and packaging. We serve cosmetic, personal care, body care, aromatherapy, spa, retail, and other trades. Many products that we stock also have applications in other or related industries, such as health, industrial, cannabis, liquor, beverage and food markets
What are the prices?
All our prices are listed on the web site. Prices do not include any shipping or taxes
Are your prices retail or wholesale?
All our prices are wholesale. We do not sell retail
Are discounts available?
Bulk discounts are built into the pricing. For example the cost per bottle will be much less when buying a case than when buying a 12 pack, the cost per ml for an oil will be cheaper the larger the size. Bulk sizes of ingredients and case quantities of packaging items are listed on the web site. Further discounts are available on multiple bulk packs or multiple case quantities (4 x 25L or 5 x 288 unit cases for example) for many items. Please email us to ask for a quote. Once quoted you can still order a bulk / multiple order on the web site. Simply order the case/bulk size in the quoted quantity and once we receive the order we will change the price per unit to the quoted further discounted amount
Can you send me a printed catalogue or price list?
Sorry, we do not have a printed price list or catalogue available to mail out. Unfortunately a printed price list can become obsolete and outdated very quickly. As well as price fluctuations, we add new products all the time. Please click here to visit our What's New? page to see what is new since you last visited
How do I find product data or specifications?
Click on the product code to go to the product's page. Product data for all the ingredients we sell can be found on our Ingredient Info Page. This information is also available on each of those products' pages in the description, accessible by clicking on the product code. Product data sheets for our Essential Oil are available on our Essential Oil Info Page
Where can I get an ingredient list?
Ingredient Lists for all the products we carry that have more than one component can be found on our INCI Ingredient List Page
How do I figure out how to list various ingredients on my product labels?
Ingredient names for cosmetic products are listed using INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients) terms. We have provided an Ingredient Name Translator Page for your use that includes all the ingredients we sell, as well as many other commonly used ingredients
What is Oshun Supply?
Oshun Supply Inc. is a family owned and operated, wholesale supply company incorporated in the province of British Columbia. We have been in business since 1996. We are home-based; our warehouse is on our property
Where are you located?
Oshun Supply is located in Salmon Arm, BC in the southern interior of British Columbia. We are halfway between Vancouver and Calgary on the Trans Canada Highway. We relocated to our larger warehouse premises in Salmon Arm from our old location in Mission in the fall of 2004. Our warehouse is located on our property and we do not have a showroom. All orders are shipped out
How do I get in touch with you folks if I have a question I can't find the answer to on this site?
Click here to send us an email at: info@oshun.ca Email is how we communicate because it not only allows us to provide you with a better, or more comprehensive answer, including links if necessary, but also because we can reply to an email any time, meaning a much quicker response. Sorry, we do not have staff to do business by phone
Do you have other branches, warehouses or distributors?
We have one location where all business is conducted from
Can I come see the products?
We do not have a showroom. Everything is on our web site, including photos. If you require samples, please email us. If you are an existing client, we'll just need to know which items (product codes preferrably). If you are a new client please also provide your postal mailing address and phone number
Do you provide recipes or formulas?
We provide you with a very wide selection of high quality, well priced ingredients and the bottles and jars to package them in. The formulating of your products is up to you. We have a wealth of industry links on our Links Page to assist you with regulatory and formulating help
How do we get an MSDS?
You'll find links to a couple of MSDS web sites on our Links page. There you can find MSDS for thousands of ingredients and have the safety data prior to even ordering the product. We receive MSDS with only a few of our hundreds of products. Where ever we have product data from the manufacturer, or CofA info, we have provided this on our Ingredient Info page and in the product descriptions
Can you make products for us?
We are not a contract manufacturer. Companies that specialize in these services can be found with a web search, or in ads and listings in trade magazines like HAPPI
How do I find out what's new or changed since I last visited your site?
All news, changes to the web site, price changes, product additions or deletions are listed on our What's New Page
Still didn't find the answer you were looking for?
Just send us an email. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have


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