glitters & micas
Glitters from left to right: black, blue, fuchsia, gold, iridescent, red, silver. 10g size shown.Micas from left to right: amethyst, black, bronze, copper, emerald, gold, pink, ruby, sapphire, silver, all 10g size shown and silk mica, 50g size shown.
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Glitters are used in glitter gels and other products to add sparkle. Add to one of our gel bases; aloe vera, lavender, peppermint, seaweed & aloe, to make a glitter gel. Can be combined with micas and other colours for additional effects. Extra fine .008 hex Polyester.
Micas are Special Effect Pigments. High quality pearlescent, lustrous and matte pigments, or titanated micas, commonly referred to as Micas, that can be used in a wide variety of products. Can be used to colour almost any cosmetic or soap product and requires only a tiny amount. Pearlescent effects will shine at their best in clear based products like gels and transparent melt and pour soap. In opaque based products like cp soap or lotion, they provide wonderful colour and pearlescence. Due to their light weight they can be used in water or oil based liquid products. They will eventually sink to the bottom in thinner formulations, but provide amazing visual effects when the product is shaken and can stay suspended for several hours. Can be combined with other colour products to achieve other effects. Popular ingredients in mineral makeup.

Code Name Price  
IW140A Glitter Black 10g $4.85
IW140D Glitter Black 1kg $161.56
IW140C Glitter Black 454g $80.67
IW140B Glitter Black 50g $14.14
IW138A Glitter Blue 10g $4.85
IW138D Glitter Blue 1kg $161.56
IW138C Glitter Blue 454g $80.67
IW138B Glitter Blue 50g $14.14
IW139A Glitter Fuchsia 10g $4.85
IW139D Glitter Fuchsia 1kg $161.56
IW139C Glitter Fuchsia 454g $80.67
IW139B Glitter Fuchsia 50g $14.14
IW106A Glitter Gold 10g $4.85
IW106D Glitter Gold 1kg $161.56
IW106C Glitter Gold 454g $80.67
IW106B Glitter Gold 50g $14.14
IW107A Glitter Iridescent 10g $4.85
IW107D Glitter Iridescent 1kg $161.56
IW107C Glitter Iridescent 454g $80.67
IW107B Glitter Iridescent 50g $14.14
IW137A Glitter Red 10g $4.85
IW137D Glitter Red 1kg $161.56
IW137C Glitter Red 454g $80.67
IW137B Glitter Red 50g $14.14
IW105A Glitter Silver 10g $4.85
IW105D Glitter Silver 1kg $161.56
IW105C Glitter Silver 454g $80.67
IW105B Glitter Silver 50g $14.14
IW115A Mica Amethyst 10g $9.86
IW115D Mica Amethyst 1kg $246.40
IW115C Mica Amethyst 500g $154.00
IW115B Mica Amethyst 50g $30.80
IW146A Mica Black 10g $5.28
IW146D Mica Black 1kg $132.00
IW146C Mica Black 500g $82.50
IW146B Mica Black 50g $16.50
IW110A Mica Bronze 10g $8.89
IW110D Mica Bronze 1kg $222.20
IW110C Mica Bronze 500g $138.88
IW110B Mica Bronze 50g $27.78
IW111A Mica Copper 10g $9.68
IW111D Mica Copper 1kg $242.00
IW111C Mica Copper 500g $151.25
IW111B Mica Copper 50g $30.25
IW114A Mica Emerald 10g $9.86
IW114D Mica Emerald 1kg $246.40
IW114C Mica Emerald 500g $154.00
IW114B Mica Emerald 50g $30.80
IW109A Mica Gold 10g $12.23
IW109D Mica Gold 1kg $275.17
IW109C Mica Gold 500g $191.09
IW109B Mica Gold 50g $38.22
IW116A Mica Pink 10g $10.96
IW116D Mica Pink 1kg $273.90
IW116C Mica Pink 500g $171.19
IW116B Mica Pink 50g $34.24
IW112A Mica Ruby 10g $9.68
IW112D Mica Ruby 1kg $242.00
IW112C Mica Ruby 500g $151.25
IW112B Mica Ruby 50g $30.25
IW113A Mica Sapphire 10g $7.79
IW113D Mica Sapphire 1kg $194.70
IW113C Mica Sapphire 500g $121.69
IW113B Mica Sapphire 50g $24.34
IW157B Mica Sericite 1kg $22.08
IW157C Mica Sericite 22.7kg $313.26
IW157A Mica Sericite 500g $15.18
IW144C Mica Silk 1kg $142.06
IW144B Mica Silk 500g $106.55
IW144A Mica Silk 50g $17.76
IW108A Mica Silver 10g $9.87
IW108D Mica Silver 1kg $222.13
IW108C Mica Silver 500g $154.25
IW108B Mica Silver 50g $30.85

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