ingredients - solids

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Code Name Price  
IW003A Allantoin 100g $14.18
IW003B Allantoin 500g $47.28
IW003C Allantoin 1kg $85.96
IW003D Allantoin 25kg $1,611.84
IW005A Annatto Powder 10g $1.70
IW005B Annatto Powder 10g x 60 (600g) $60.44
IW006A Arrowroot Powder 1kg $19.38
IW006B Arrowroot Powder 22.7kg $351.90
IW007B Ascorbic Acid USP 1kg $46.00
IW007C Ascorbic Acid USP 25kg $862.50
IW007A Ascorbic Acid USP 500g $28.75
IW008A Baking Soda 1kg $5.00
IW008B Baking Soda 22.7kg $80.65
IW009B Beeswax Pastilles White NF 1kg $65.13
IW009C Beeswax Pastilles White NF 25kg $1,366.13
IW009A Beeswax Pastilles White NF 500g $42.14
IW010B BHT FCC 1kg $29.44
IW010C BHT FCC 22.7kg $568.04
IW010A BHT FCC 500g $18.40
IW011A Borax 1kg $14.66
IW011B Borax 25kg $216.99
IW133B Candelilla Wax NF 1kg $61.08
IW133C Candelilla Wax NF 25kg $1,233.72
IW133A Candelilla Wax NF 500g $33.82
IW017A Cetyl Alcohol NF 1kg $22.98
IW017B Cetyl Alcohol NF 25kg $459.68
IW018A Chamomile Flower Powder 100g $7.66
IW018C Chamomile Flower Powder 1kg $51.04
IW018D Chamomile Flower Powder 25kg $1,148.40
IW018B Chamomile Flower Powder 500g $31.90
IW020A Chromium Oxide Green 100g $18.28
IW020C Chromium Oxide Green 1kg $131.61
IW020B Chromium Oxide Green 500g $80.43
IW020D Chromium Oxide Green 5kg $548.37
IW021A Citric Acid USP 1kg $16.92
IW021B Citric Acid USP 25kg $230.72
IW093A Clay Powder Bentonite 1kg $8.20
IW093B Clay Powder Bentonite 22.7kg $138.63
IW118A Clay Powder Glacial 100g $11.95
IW118D Clay Powder Glacial 10kg $580.26
IW118C Clay Powder Glacial 1kg $64.85
IW118E Clay Powder Glacial 20kg $1,023.99
IW118B Clay Powder Glacial 500g $42.67
IW156B Clay Powder Kaolin KR 18kg $382.03
IW156A Clay Powder Kaolin KR 1kg $31.59
IW094A Clay Powder Red 1kg $9.68
IW094B Clay Powder Red 22.7kg $131.60
IW023A Clay Powder White Kaolin 1kg $9.68
IW023B Clay Powder White Kaolin 22.7kg $131.60
IW024B Cocoa Butter 1kg $56.92
IW024C Cocoa Butter 5kg $251.13
IW024D Cocoa Butter 25kg $1,088.23
IW024A Cocoa Butter 500g $40.52
IW151B Cocoa Butter Raw 1kg $35.36
IW151D Cocoa Butter Raw 25kg $540.80
IW151A Cocoa Butter Raw 500g $22.88
IW151C Cocoa Butter Raw 5kg $156.00
IW025 Coconut Creamed 200g Box $2.00
IW027B Coconut Fine 11.34kg $77.81
IW027A Coconut Fine 1kg $7.88
IW026A Coconut Oil RBD 1kg $19.43
IW026B Coconut Oil RBD 15kg $206.43
IW132C Coconut Oil Virgin Organic 17kg $718.90
IW132B Coconut Oil Virgin Organic 1kg $60.41
IW132A Coconut Oil Virgin Organic 500g $41.53
IW104A Cornstarch 1kg $6.65
IW104B Cornstarch 22.7kg $106.05
IW031B Emulsifying Wax NF 1kg $35.67
IW031C Emulsifying Wax NF 25kg $758.04
IW031A Emulsifying Wax NF 500g $22.30
IW032A Epsom Salt USP 1kg $8.57
IW032B Epsom Salt USP 22.7kg $154.13
IW140A Glitter Black 10g $4.85
IW140D Glitter Black 1kg $161.56
IW140C Glitter Black 454g $80.67
IW140B Glitter Black 50g $14.14
IW138A Glitter Blue 10g $4.85
IW138D Glitter Blue 1kg $161.56
IW138C Glitter Blue 454g $80.67
IW138B Glitter Blue 50g $14.14
IW139A Glitter Fuchsia 10g $4.85
IW139D Glitter Fuchsia 1kg $161.56
IW139C Glitter Fuchsia 454g $80.67
IW139B Glitter Fuchsia 50g $14.14
IW106A Glitter Gold 10g $4.85
IW106D Glitter Gold 1kg $161.56
IW106C Glitter Gold 454g $80.67
IW106B Glitter Gold 50g $14.14
IW107A Glitter Iridescent 10g $4.85
IW107D Glitter Iridescent 1kg $161.56
IW107C Glitter Iridescent 454g $80.67
IW107B Glitter Iridescent 50g $14.14
IW137A Glitter Red 10g $4.85
IW137D Glitter Red 1kg $161.56
IW137C Glitter Red 454g $80.67
IW137B Glitter Red 50g $14.14
IW105A Glitter Silver 10g $4.85
IW105D Glitter Silver 1kg $161.56
IW105C Glitter Silver 454g $80.67
IW105B Glitter Silver 50g $14.14
IW124A Green Tea Extract 100g $12.81
IW124C Green Tea Extract 1kg $85.40
IW124B Green Tea Extract 500g $53.38
IW034B Guar Gum 1kg $48.30
IW034C Guar Gum 25kg $905.63
IW034A Guar Gum 500g $30.19
IW037C Iron Oxide Black 11.3kg $335.61
IW037B Iron Oxide Black 1kg $33.00
IW037A Iron Oxide Black 500g $20.63
IW141C Iron Oxide Brown 5kg $408.60
IW141B Iron Oxide Brown 1kg $90.80
IW141A Iron Oxide Brown 500g $56.75
IW038C Iron Oxide Red 11.3kg $1,307.52
IW038B Iron Oxide Red 1kg $138.36
IW038A Iron Oxide Red 500g $76.87
IW039C Iron Oxide Yellow 5kg $783.08
IW039B Iron Oxide Yellow 1kg $187.94
IW039A Iron Oxide Yellow 500g $114.85
IW154A Kelp Powder 1kg $24.03
IW154B Kelp Powder 20kg $355.30
IW102 Lanolin Anhydrous USP 454g $38.71
IW103 Lanolin Hydrous 450g $27.00
IW135A Lecithin Granules Soy 1kg $22.38
IW135B Lecithin Granules Soy 5kg $95.10
IW155A Lithothamnium Powder 1kg $23.00
IW155B Lithothamnium Powder 25kg $488.75
IW143A Manganese Violet 100g $19.35
IW143D Manganese Violet 11.3kg $638.55
IW143C Manganese Violet 1kg $77.40
IW143B Manganese Violet 500g $48.37
IW043D Mango Butter 15kg $437.58
IW043B Mango Butter 1kg $41.94
IW043A Mango Butter 500g $27.14
IW043C Mango Butter 5kg $185.05
IW044A Marshmallow Root Powder 100g $8.31
IW044C Marshmallow Root Powder 1kg $55.39
IW044D Marshmallow Root Powder 4.54kg $226.32
IW044B Marshmallow Root Powder 500g $34.62
IW115A Mica Amethyst 10g $9.86
IW115D Mica Amethyst 1kg $246.40
IW115C Mica Amethyst 500g $154.00
IW115B Mica Amethyst 50g $30.80
IW146A Mica Black 10g $5.28
IW146D Mica Black 1kg $132.00
IW146C Mica Black 500g $82.50
IW146B Mica Black 50g $16.50
IW110A Mica Bronze 10g $8.89
IW110D Mica Bronze 1kg $222.20
IW110C Mica Bronze 500g $138.88
IW110B Mica Bronze 50g $27.78
IW111A Mica Copper 10g $9.68
IW111D Mica Copper 1kg $242.00
IW111C Mica Copper 500g $151.25
IW111B Mica Copper 50g $30.25
IW114A Mica Emerald 10g $9.86
IW114D Mica Emerald 1kg $246.40
IW114C Mica Emerald 500g $154.00
IW114B Mica Emerald 50g $30.80
IW109A Mica Gold 10g $12.23
IW109D Mica Gold 1kg $275.17
IW109C Mica Gold 500g $191.09
IW109B Mica Gold 50g $38.22
IW116A Mica Pink 10g $10.96
IW116D Mica Pink 1kg $273.90
IW116C Mica Pink 500g $171.19
IW116B Mica Pink 50g $34.24
IW112A Mica Ruby 10g $9.68
IW112D Mica Ruby 1kg $242.00
IW112C Mica Ruby 500g $151.25
IW112B Mica Ruby 50g $30.25
IW113A Mica Sapphire 10g $7.79
IW113D Mica Sapphire 1kg $194.70
IW113C Mica Sapphire 500g $121.69
IW113B Mica Sapphire 50g $24.34
IW157B Mica Sericite 1kg $22.08
IW157C Mica Sericite 22.7kg $313.26
IW157A Mica Sericite 500g $15.18
IW144C Mica Silk 1kg $142.06
IW144B Mica Silk 500g $106.55
IW144A Mica Silk 50g $17.76
IW108A Mica Silver 10g $9.87
IW108D Mica Silver 1kg $222.13
IW108C Mica Silver 500g $154.25
IW108B Mica Silver 50g $30.85
IW045A Nettles Leaf Powder 100g $6.96
IW045C Nettles Leaf Powder 1kg $46.40
IW045B Nettles Leaf Powder 500g $29.00
IW045D Nettles Leaf Powder 5kg $208.80
IW046A Oatmeal Powder 1kg $8.72
IW046B Oatmeal Powder 22.7kg $102.92
IW126A Potassium Sorbate FCC 1kg $21.25
IW126B Potassium Sorbate FCC 22.7kg $347.31
IW054A Pumice Powder 1kg $12.00
IW054B Pumice Powder 22.7kg $181.60
IW055A Pyrophyllite Powder 1kg $7.29
IW055B Pyrophyllite Powder 22.7kg $110.30
IW057A Rice Powder 1kg $6.11
IW057B Rice Powder 22.7kg $73.04
IW059B Rose Hip Powder 2.27kg $50.90
IW059C Rose Hip Powder 22.7kg $458.14
IW059A Rose Hip Powder 454g $12.73
IW062A Salt Coarse 1kg $2.80
IW062B Salt Coarse 20kg $35.00
IW063A Salt Fine Sea 1kg $3.39
IW063B Salt Fine Sea 22.7kg $58.44
IW065B Shea Butter Refined 1kg $30.94
IW065D Shea Butter Refined 25kg $383.24
IW065A Shea Butter Refined 500g $20.02
IW065C Shea Butter Refined 5kg $136.50
IW150B Soapwort Root Powder 11.3kg $703.36
IW150C Soapwort Root Powder 22.7kg $1,177.45
IW150A Soapwort Root Powder 454g $31.40
IW127A Sodium Benzoate FCC 1kg $23.69
IW127B Sodium Benzoate FCC 25kg $426.40
IW128A Sodium Carbonate 1kg $4.08
IW128B Sodium Carbonate 22.7kg $78.59
IW074A Stearic Acid 1kg $8.38
IW074B Stearic Acid 22.7kg $167.17
IW075A Stearyl Alcohol NF 1kg $13.04
IW075B Stearyl Alcohol NF 25kg $207.40
IW147B Titanium Dioxide O 1kg $67.42
IW147C Titanium Dioxide O 25kg $1,432.77
IW147A Titanium Dioxide O 500g $42.14
IW079B Titanium Dioxide W 1kg $55.92
IW079C Titanium Dioxide W 25kg $1,188.32
IW079A Titanium Dioxide W 500g $34.95
IW080C Ultramarine Blue 5kg $761.97
IW080B Ultramarine Blue 1kg $182.87
IW080A Ultramarine Blue 500g $111.76
IW081A Ultramarine Pink 100g $27.37
IW081D Ultramarine Pink 5kg $684.17
IW081C Ultramarine Pink 1kg $164.20
IW081B Ultramarine Pink 500g $91.22
IW082A Ultramarine Violet 100g $27.46
IW082D Ultramarine Violet 5kg $686.43
IW082C Ultramarine Violet 1kg $164.74
IW082B Ultramarine Violet 500g $91.52
IW085A Xanthan Gum 100g $12.75
IW085C Xanthan Gum 1kg $70.84
IW085D Xanthan Gum 20kg $772.80
IW085B Xanthan Gum 500g $49.59
IW087B Zinc Oxide USP 1kg $23.20
IW087C Zinc Oxide USP 25kg $407.46
IW087A Zinc Oxide USP 500g $16.24

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