Clay Powder Glacial 20kg
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  • Natural oceanic glacier clay from the west coast of British Columbia
  • In it's natural state glacial marine clay has a moisture content of about 35%. Heating removes any bacteria and leaves a light powder with a moisture content of approximately 1.5% w/w
  • This clay is highly valued for it's properties, including negative ions, for cosmetic, spa and therapeutic uses
  • Pure and odourless, glacial clay can be the base for or an ingredient in many cosmetic and body care products. With diverse uses including equine care, glacial clay is featured in spa treatments, body masks, facial masks, scrubs, healing treatments, natural products, hair care products, bath products, salves, soaps and as a cosmetic ingredient in many different luxury products
  • Skin softening, exfoliating and oil balancing. Cleansing and detoxifying. Said to be helpful for smoothing wrinkles, stimulating circulation and promoting hydration. Used for skin disorders, athletes foot, acne, insect bites and more
  • Can be used as is in dry products, hydrated with water (or other liquids; aloe vera extract, distillates etc.) for spa treatments and masks or incorporated into formulas
  • Glacial marine clay is a fabulous mask product when simply hydrated with water to desired consistency, applied to the skin in a thin layer, allowed to dry, then rinsed off. Approximately 7 - 10 grams or 1 heaping teaspoon of the clay powder (plus water/liquid) makes one facial mask application
  • INCI name: Canadian colloidal clay
  • Canadian natural glacial marine clay is a fine grey colloidal clay powder unique to this geographical region. Found in only 4 rare deposits on the central coast of BC and on Vancouver Island. Considered by many to be the best cosmetic clay in the world. Can be used as a superior replacement for dead sea mud, delft marl or French green montmorillonite clays. Also used instead of bentonite in some applications
  • pH: 6.5 - 7.3 (actual 6.9) Particle Size: 325 mesh (44 micron)
  • Composition analysis: Silicon Dioxide 52.9% Aluminum Oxide 15.4% Iron Oxide 9.3% Calcium Oxide 7.61% Magnesium Oxide 5.29% Sodium Oxide 3.14% Potassium Oxide 1.0% Barium Oxide 0.0403% Manganese Oxide 0.164% Phosphorus Oxide 0.1% Strontium Oxide 0.04% Titanium Dioxide 1.28% Zirconium Dioxide 0.004%
  • Meets and exceeds worldwide heavy metal content regulations. ICP: Ultrasonic Nebulization ug/dry g: Arsenic <2.0 Lead 2.0 Rare-Earth Elements: Cerium 36 ppm Neodymium 25 ppm Lanthanum 17 ppm Samarium 4.4 ppm Ytterbium 2 ppm Europium 1 ppm
  • Product of British Columbia, Canada

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