distilled essential oils
Essential Oils: 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 
250ml, 500mlBulk Essential Oils: 500ml, 1L, 5L
  • All the oils in this subcategory have been extracted by distillation methods - steam distilled
  • All are 100% pure undiluted natural oils except Benzoin which is made pourable in a base of DPG (Dipropylene Glycol - a common fragrance diluent)
  • Click on the product code to go to the oil's page to view latin/botanical name and country of origin
  • Click here for data sheets for our Essential oils

Code Name Price  
E136B Amyris Oil 10ml $10.84
E136E Amyris Oil 125ml $53.62
E136H Amyris Oil 1L $264.03
E136F Amyris Oil 250ml $87.00
E136C Amyris Oil 30ml $21.13
E136G Amyris Oil 500ml $154.30
E136A Amyris Oil 5ml $8.27
E136D Amyris Oil 60ml $31.76
E073B Basil Oil 10ml $7.51
E073E Basil Oil 125ml $29.58
E073H Basil Oil 1L $139.00
E073F Basil Oil 250ml $46.93
E073C Basil Oil 30ml $12.92
E073G Basil Oil 500ml $82.23
E073A Basil Oil 5ml $6.60
E073D Basil Oil 60ml $18.29
E151B Basil Oil Linalol 10ml $9.97
E151E Basil Oil Linalol 120ml $45.71
E151H Basil Oil Linalol 1L $247.52
E151F Basil Oil Linalol 250ml $73.78
E151C Basil Oil Linalol 30ml $17.04
E151G Basil Oil Linalol 500ml $139.90
E151A Basil Oil Linalol 5ml $5.84
E151D Basil Oil Linalol 60ml $27.95
E005B Bay Laurel Oil 10ml $11.83
E005E Bay Laurel Oil 125ml $60.77
E005H Bay Laurel Oil 1L $301.19
E005F Bay Laurel Oil 250ml $98.91
E005C Bay Laurel Oil 30ml $23.57
E005G Bay Laurel Oil 500ml $175.73
E005A Bay Laurel Oil 5ml $8.77
E005D Bay Laurel Oil 60ml $35.76
E006B Benzoin Oil Pourable in DPG 10ml $4.71
E006E Benzoin Oil Pourable in DPG 120ml $14.52
E006H Benzoin Oil Pourable in DPG 1L $70.81
E006F Benzoin Oil Pourable in DPG 250ml $21.81
E006C Benzoin Oil Pourable in DPG 30ml $6.12
E006G Benzoin Oil Pourable in DPG 500ml $41.14
E006A Benzoin Oil Pourable in DPG 5ml $3.24
E006D Benzoin Oil Pourable in DPG 60ml $9.24
E009B Birch Oil Sweet 10ml $7.68
E009E Birch Oil Sweet 125ml $30.83
E009H Birch Oil Sweet 1L $145.48
E009F Birch Oil Sweet 250ml $49.00
E009C Birch Oil Sweet 30ml $13.35
E009G Birch Oil Sweet 500ml $85.96
E009A Birch Oil Sweet 5ml $6.69
E009D Birch Oil Sweet 60ml $18.99
E011B Black Pepper Oil 10ml $19.15
E011E Black Pepper Oil 125ml $94.59
E011H Black Pepper Oil 1L $531.18
E011F Black Pepper Oil 250ml $149.45
E011C Black Pepper Oil 30ml $36.38
E011G Black Pepper Oil 500ml $288.32
E011A Black Pepper Oil 5ml $12.42
E011D Black Pepper Oil 60ml $55.97
E012B Cade Oil Rectified 10ml $5.87
E012E Cade Oil Rectified 120ml $18.39
E012H Cade Oil Rectified 1L $92.72
E012F Cade Oil Rectified 250ml $28.25
E012C Cade Oil Rectified 30ml $7.48
E012G Cade Oil Rectified 500ml $53.39
E012A Cade Oil Rectified 5ml $3.56
E012D Cade Oil Rectified 60ml $11.56
E013B Cajeput Oil 10ml $6.68
E013E Cajeput Oil 125ml $23.60
E013H Cajeput Oil 1L $107.88
E013F Cajeput Oil 250ml $36.95
E013C Cajeput Oil 30ml $10.88
E013G Cajeput Oil 500ml $64.29
E013A Cajeput Oil 5ml $6.19
E013D Cajeput Oil 60ml $14.94
E097B Camphor Oil White 10ml $5.74
E097E Camphor Oil White 125ml $12.21
E097H Camphor Oil White 1L $49.35
E097F Camphor Oil White 250ml $17.98
E097C Camphor Oil White 30ml $7.00
E097G Camphor Oil White 500ml $30.16
E097A Camphor Oil White 5ml $5.40
E097D Camphor Oil White 60ml $8.57
E014B Carrot Seed Oil 10ml $20.76
E014E Carrot Seed Oil 120ml $122.45
E014H Carrot Seed Oil 1L $559.90
E014F Carrot Seed Oil 250ml $193.66
E014C Carrot Seed Oil 30ml $42.21
E014G Carrot Seed Oil 500ml $366.09
E014A Carrot Seed Oil 5ml $11.83
E014D Carrot Seed Oil 60ml $71.10
E137B Cassia Oil 10ml $9.10
E137E Cassia Oil 125ml $41.06
E137H Cassia Oil 1L $198.69
E137F Cassia Oil 250ml $66.06
E137C Cassia Oil 30ml $16.84
E137G Cassia Oil 500ml $116.64
E137A Cassia Oil 5ml $7.40
E137D Cassia Oil 60ml $24.72
E015B Cedarwood Oil Atlas 10ml $6.11
E015E Cedarwood Oil Atlas 120ml $19.98
E015H Cedarwood Oil Atlas 1L $101.73
E015F Cedarwood Oil Atlas 250ml $30.90
E015C Cedarwood Oil Atlas 30ml $8.03
E015G Cedarwood Oil Atlas 500ml $58.43
E015A Cedarwood Oil Atlas 5ml $3.70
E015D Cedarwood Oil Atlas 60ml $12.51
E140B Cedarwood Oil Himalayan 10ml $6.47
E140E Cedarwood Oil Himalayan 125ml $21.15
E140H Cedarwood Oil Himalayan 1L $104.78
E140F Cedarwood Oil Himalayan 250ml $32.87
E140C Cedarwood Oil Himalayan 30ml $10.05
E140G Cedarwood Oil Himalayan 500ml $57.63
E140A Cedarwood Oil Himalayan 5ml $6.02
E140D Cedarwood Oil Himalayan 60ml $13.57
E141B Cedarwood Oil Virginia 10ml $7.33
E141E Cedarwood Oil Virginia 125ml $28.28
E141H Cedarwood Oil Virginia 1L $135.65
E141F Cedarwood Oil Virginia 250ml $44.77
E141C Cedarwood Oil Virginia 30ml $12.48
E141G Cedarwood Oil Virginia 500ml $79.02
E141A Cedarwood Oil Virginia 5ml $6.51
E141D Cedarwood Oil Virginia 60ml $17.57
E017B Chamomile Oil Blue 10ml $131.71
E017E Chamomile Oil Blue 125ml $753.64
E017H Chamomile Oil Blue 1L $3,011.96
E017F Chamomile Oil Blue 250ml $1,354.84
E017C Chamomile Oil Blue 30ml $345.99
E017G Chamomile Oil Blue 500ml $1,723.02
E017A Chamomile Oil Blue 5ml $81.50
E017D Chamomile Oil Blue 60ml $443.10
E018B Chamomile Oil Maroc 10ml $21.70
E018E Chamomile Oil Maroc 125ml $142.19
E018H Chamomile Oil Maroc 1L $805.35
E018F Chamomile Oil Maroc 250ml $248.17
E018C Chamomile Oil Maroc 30ml $53.44
E018G Chamomile Oil Maroc 500ml $459.78
E018A Chamomile Oil Maroc 5ml $14.74
E018D Chamomile Oil Maroc 60ml $83.39
E020B Cinnamon Leaf Oil 10ml $6.74
E020E Cinnamon Leaf Oil 125ml $24.06
E020H Cinnamon Leaf Oil 1L $110.30
E020F Cinnamon Leaf Oil 250ml $37.73
E020C Cinnamon Leaf Oil 30ml $11.04
E020G Cinnamon Leaf Oil 500ml $65.68
E020A Cinnamon Leaf Oil 5ml $6.22
E020D Cinnamon Leaf Oil 60ml $15.20
E021B Citronella Oil 10ml $7.39
E021E Citronella Oil 125ml $22.81
E021H Citronella Oil 1L $101.34
E021F Citronella Oil 250ml $35.64
E021C Citronella Oil 30ml $10.61
E021G Citronella Oil 500ml $61.93
E021A Citronella Oil 5ml $6.13
E021D Citronella Oil 60ml $14.50
E022B Clary Sage Oil 10ml $16.58
E022E Clary Sage Oil 125ml $105.38
E022H Clary Sage Oil 1L $546.81
E022F Clary Sage Oil 250ml $173.25
E022C Clary Sage Oil 30ml $38.80
E022G Clary Sage Oil 500ml $310.13
E022A Clary Sage Oil 5ml $11.86
E022D Clary Sage Oil 60ml $60.74
E023B Clove Bud Oil 10ml $10.82
E023E Clove Bud Oil 125ml $53.50
E023H Clove Bud Oil 1L $263.37
E023F Clove Bud Oil 250ml $86.79
E023C Clove Bud Oil 30ml $21.09
E023G Clove Bud Oil 500ml $153.93
E023A Clove Bud Oil 5ml $8.26
E023D Clove Bud Oil 60ml $31.69
E100B Coriander Seed Oil 10ml $14.91
E100E Coriander Seed Oil 125ml $82.99
E100H Coriander Seed Oil 1L $416.75
E100F Coriander Seed Oil 250ml $135.95
E100C Coriander Seed Oil 30ml $31.16
E100G Coriander Seed Oil 500ml $242.35
E100A Coriander Seed Oil 5ml $10.31
E100D Coriander Seed Oil 60ml $48.21
E024B Cypress Oil 10ml $7.91
E024E Cypress Oil 120ml $31.97
E024H Cypress Oil 1L $169.71
E024F Cypress Oil 250ml $50.90
E024C Cypress Oil 30ml $12.23
E024G Cypress Oil 500ml $96.42
E024A Cypress Oil 5ml $4.70
E024D Cypress Oil 60ml $19.71
E133B Elemi Oil 10ml $13.59
E133E Elemi Oil 120ml $69.84
E133H Elemi Oil 1L $384.29
E133F Elemi Oil 250ml $114.01
E133C Elemi Oil 30ml $25.49
E133G Elemi Oil 500ml $216.32
E133A Elemi Oil 5ml $7.85
E133D Elemi Oil 60ml $42.43
E026B Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil 10ml $6.78
E026E Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil 125ml $24.34
E026H Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil 1L $111.73
E026F Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil 250ml $38.19
E026C Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil 30ml $11.13
E026G Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil 500ml $66.50
E026A Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil 5ml $6.24
E026D Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil 60ml $15.36
E090B Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 10ml $7.04
E090E Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 125ml $25.86
E090H Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 1L $130.49
E090F Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 250ml $40.73
E090C Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 30ml $11.66
E090G Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 500ml $71.77
E090A Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 5ml $6.35
E090D Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 60ml $16.21
E142B Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 10ml $7.23
E142E Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 125ml $34.98
E142H Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 1L $167.10
E142F Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 250ml $55.93
E142C Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 30ml $14.77
E142G Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 500ml $99.10
E142A Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 5ml $6.98
E142D Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 60ml $21.32
E150B Eucalyptus Smithii Oil 10ml $6.55
E150E Eucalyptus Smithii Oil 125ml $22.68
E150H Eucalyptus Smithii Oil 1L $103.13
E150F Eucalyptus Smithii Oil 250ml $35.43
E150C Eucalyptus Smithii Oil 30ml $10.57
E150G Eucalyptus Smithii Oil 500ml $61.55
E150A Eucalyptus Smithii Oil 5ml $6.13
E150D Eucalyptus Smithii Oil 60ml $14.43
E030B Fennel Oil Sweet 10ml $8.61
E030E Fennel Oil Sweet 125ml $37.51
E030H Fennel Oil Sweet 1L $180.22
E030F Fennel Oil Sweet 250ml $60.14
E030C Fennel Oil Sweet 30ml $15.63
E030G Fennel Oil Sweet 500ml $105.99
E030A Fennel Oil Sweet 5ml $7.15
E030D Fennel Oil Sweet 60ml $22.73
E031B Fir Needle Oil 10ml $7.16
E031E Fir Needle Oil 125ml $27.11
E031H Fir Needle Oil 1L $126.13
E031F Fir Needle Oil 250ml $42.80
E031C Fir Needle Oil 30ml $12.08
E031G Fir Needle Oil 500ml $74.80
E031A Fir Needle Oil 5ml $6.43
E031D Fir Needle Oil 60ml $16.91
E032B Frankincense Oil 10ml $18.71
E032E Frankincense Oil 120ml $103.95
E032H Frankincense Oil 1L $577.56
E032F Frankincense Oil 250ml $170.85
E032C Frankincense Oil 30ml $37.42
E032G Frankincense Oil 500ml $324.33
E032A Frankincense Oil 5ml $10.69
E032D Frankincense Oil 60ml $62.89
E134B Galbanum Oil 10ml $26.56
E134E Galbanum Oil 120ml $177.76
E134H Galbanum Oil 1L $977.42
E134F Galbanum Oil 250ml $318.62
E134C Galbanum Oil 30ml $59.14
E134G Galbanum Oil 500ml $587.94
E134A Galbanum Oil 5ml $14.79
E134D Galbanum Oil 60ml $103.16
E034B Garlic Oil 10ml $12.35
E034E Garlic Oil 120ml $61.59
E034H Garlic Oil 1L $337.54
E034F Garlic Oil 250ml $100.26
E034C Garlic Oil 30ml $22.60
E034G Garlic Oil 500ml $190.20
E034A Garlic Oil 5ml $7.16
E034D Garlic Oil 60ml $37.48
E035B Geranium Oil 10ml $36.32
E035E Geranium Oil 120ml $172.28
E035H Geranium Oil 1L $931.33
E035F Geranium Oil 250ml $275.14
E035C Geranium Oil 30ml $63.67
E035G Geranium Oil 500ml $533.70
E035A Geranium Oil 5ml $15.74
E035D Geranium Oil 60ml $99.63
E036B Geranium Oil Rose 10ml $27.65
E036E Geranium Oil Rose 120ml $125.93
E036H Geranium Oil Rose 1L $679.22
E036F Geranium Oil Rose 250ml $200.99
E036C Geranium Oil Rose 30ml $47.06
E036G Geranium Oil Rose 500ml $389.72
E036A Geranium Oil Rose 5ml $11.89
E036D Geranium Oil Rose 60ml $72.94
E037B Ginger Oil 10ml $10.97
E037E Ginger Oil 120ml $52.38
E037H Ginger Oil 1L $285.33
E037F Ginger Oil 250ml $84.90
E037C Ginger Oil 30ml $19.37
E037G Ginger Oil 500ml $161.03
E037A Ginger Oil 5ml $6.40
E037D Ginger Oil 60ml $31.95
E039B Grapefruit Oil White 10ml $11.57
E039E Grapefruit Oil White 125ml $63.62
E039H Grapefruit Oil White 1L $324.08
E039F Grapefruit Oil White 250ml $103.65
E039C Grapefruit Oil White 30ml $24.54
E039G Grapefruit Oil White 500ml $184.94
E039A Grapefruit Oil White 5ml $8.96
E039D Grapefruit Oil White 60ml $37.35
E108B Hyssop Oil 10ml $35.45
E108E Hyssop Oil 120ml $215.57
E108H Hyssop Oil 1L $1,210.11
E108F Hyssop Oil 250ml $356.90
E108C Hyssop Oil 30ml $76.49
E108G Hyssop Oil 500ml $677.82
E108A Hyssop Oil 5ml $20.00
E108D Hyssop Oil 60ml $129.87
E043B Juniper Berry Oil 10ml $11.46
E043E Juniper Berry Oil 120ml $55.60
E043H Juniper Berry Oil 1L $303.57
E043F Juniper Berry Oil 250ml $90.27
E043C Juniper Berry Oil 30ml $20.50
E043G Juniper Berry Oil 500ml $171.22
E043A Juniper Berry Oil 5ml $6.66
E043D Juniper Berry Oil 60ml $33.88
E045B Lavandin Oil 10ml $8.20
E045E Lavandin Oil 125ml $35.54
E045H Lavandin Oil 1L $174.37
E045F Lavandin Oil 250ml $56.87
E045C Lavandin Oil 30ml $14.96
E045G Lavandin Oil 500ml $100.79
E045A Lavandin Oil 5ml $7.02
E045D Lavandin Oil 60ml $21.63
E046B Lavender Oil 40/42 10ml $8.17
E046E Lavender Oil 40/42 125ml $35.28
E046H Lavender Oil 40/42 1L $181.83
E046F Lavender Oil 40/42 250ml $56.43
E046C Lavender Oil 40/42 30ml $14.87
E046G Lavender Oil 40/42 500ml $100.01
E046A Lavender Oil 40/42 5ml $7.00
E046D Lavender Oil 40/42 60ml $21.49
E047B Lavender Oil Bulgarian 10ml $8.51
E047E Lavender Oil Bulgarian 125ml $38.11
E047H Lavender Oil Bulgarian 1L $188.03
E047F Lavender Oil Bulgarian 250ml $61.14
E047C Lavender Oil Bulgarian 30ml $15.83
E047G Lavender Oil Bulgarian 500ml $108.47
E047A Lavender Oil Bulgarian 5ml $7.19
E047D Lavender Oil Bulgarian 60ml $23.07
E049B Lavender Oil High Alpine 10ml $15.13
E049E Lavender Oil High Alpine 125ml $93.29
E049H Lavender Oil High Alpine 1L $482.35
E049F Lavender Oil High Alpine 250ml $153.11
E049C Lavender Oil High Alpine 30ml $34.67
E049G Lavender Oil High Alpine 500ml $273.90
E049A Lavender Oil High Alpine 5ml $11.02
E049D Lavender Oil High Alpine 60ml $53.97
E050B Lavender Oil Spike 10ml $9.11
E050E Lavender Oil Spike 125ml $43.18
E050H Lavender Oil Spike 1L $215.07
E050F Lavender Oil Spike 250ml $69.59
E050C Lavender Oil Spike 30ml $17.56
E050G Lavender Oil Spike 500ml $123.66
E050A Lavender Oil Spike 5ml $7.55
E050D Lavender Oil Spike 60ml $25.91
E053B Lemongrass Oil 10ml $6.99
E053E Lemongrass Oil 125ml $25.47
E053H Lemongrass Oil 1L $128.31
E053F Lemongrass Oil 250ml $40.07
E053C Lemongrass Oil 30ml $11.52
E053G Lemongrass Oil 500ml $70.57
E053A Lemongrass Oil 5ml $6.32
E053D Lemongrass Oil 60ml $15.99
E056B Lime Oil Distilled 10ml $8.60
E056E Lime Oil Distilled 125ml $37.46
E056H Lime Oil Distilled 1L $179.97
E056F Lime Oil Distilled 250ml $60.06
E056C Lime Oil Distilled 30ml $15.61
E056G Lime Oil Distilled 500ml $105.84
E056A Lime Oil Distilled 5ml $7.15
E056D Lime Oil Distilled 60ml $22.71
E110B Marjoram Oil Sweet 10ml $17.93
E110E Marjoram Oil Sweet 125ml $112.74
E110H Marjoram Oil Sweet 1L $635.68
E110F Marjoram Oil Sweet 250ml $196.33
E110C Marjoram Oil Sweet 30ml $42.88
E110G Marjoram Oil Sweet 500ml $363.45
E110A Marjoram Oil Sweet 5ml $12.54
E110D Marjoram Oil Sweet 60ml $66.42
E059B May Chang Oil 10ml $7.04
E059E May Chang Oil 125ml $26.23
E059H May Chang Oil 1L $121.56
E059F May Chang Oil 250ml $41.34
E059C May Chang Oil 30ml $11.78
E059G May Chang Oil 500ml $72.17
E059A May Chang Oil 5ml $6.37
E059D May Chang Oil 60ml $16.42
E145B Melissa Oil 10ml $136.25
E145E Melissa Oil 120ml $958.62
E145H Melissa Oil 1L $3,947.71
E145F Melissa Oil 250ml $1,818.30
E145C Melissa Oil 30ml $346.08
E145G Melissa Oil 500ml $2,751.45
E145A Melissa Oil 5ml $73.17
E145D Melissa Oil 60ml $633.56
E113B Mugwort Oil 10ml $22.02
E113E Mugwort Oil 120ml $126.05
E113H Mugwort Oil 1L $702.81
E113F Mugwort Oil 250ml $207.69
E113C Mugwort Oil 30ml $45.16
E113G Mugwort Oil 500ml $394.33
E113A Mugwort Oil 5ml $12.54
E113D Mugwort Oil 60ml $76.16
E060B Myrrh Oil 10ml $23.36
E060E Myrrh Oil 125ml $164.21
E060H Myrrh Oil 1L $926.97
E060F Myrrh Oil 250ml $295.34
E060C Myrrh Oil 30ml $51.81
E060G Myrrh Oil 500ml $538.45
E060A Myrrh Oil 5ml $18.74
E060D Myrrh Oil 60ml $87.47
E131B Myrtle Oil 10ml $18.90
E131E Myrtle Oil 120ml $78.87
E131H Myrtle Oil 1L $427.28
E131F Myrtle Oil 250ml $123.11
E131C Myrtle Oil 30ml $29.69
E131G Myrtle Oil 500ml $238.79
E131A Myrtle Oil 5ml $9.34
E131D Myrtle Oil 60ml $46.23
E061B Neroli Oil 10ml $162.67
E061E Neroli Oil 125ml $934.24
E061H Neroli Oil 1L $3,734.28
E061F Neroli Oil 250ml $1,679.92
E061C Neroli Oil 30ml $428.55
E061G Neroli Oil 500ml $2,135.76
E061A Neroli Oil 5ml $100.28
E061D Neroli Oil 60ml $549.05
E063B Niaouli Oil 10ml $6.91
E063E Niaouli Oil 125ml $25.25
E063H Niaouli Oil 1L $116.50
E063F Niaouli Oil 250ml $39.72
E063C Niaouli Oil 30ml $11.45
E063G Niaouli Oil 500ml $69.26
E063A Niaouli Oil 5ml $6.30
E063D Niaouli Oil 60ml $15.87
E147B Nutmeg Oil 10ml $14.30
E147E Nutmeg Oil 125ml $78.60
E147H Nutmeg Oil 1L $393.90
E147F Nutmeg Oil 250ml $128.62
E147C Nutmeg Oil 30ml $29.66
E147G Nutmeg Oil 500ml $229.18
E147A Nutmeg Oil 5ml $10.00
E147D Nutmeg Oil 60ml $45.74
E065B Orange Oil 5 Fold 10ml $6.50
E065E Orange Oil 5 Fold 125ml $21.39
E065H Orange Oil 5 Fold 1L $106.08
E065F Orange Oil 5 Fold 250ml $33.27
E065C Orange Oil 5 Fold 30ml $10.13
E065G Orange Oil 5 Fold 500ml $58.35
E065A Orange Oil 5 Fold 5ml $6.04
E065D Orange Oil 5 Fold 60ml $13.71
E116B Oregano Oil 10ml $13.03
E116E Oregano Oil 120ml $66.10
E116H Oregano Oil 1L $363.10
E116F Oregano Oil 250ml $107.78
E116C Oregano Oil 30ml $24.18
E116G Oregano Oil 500ml $204.49
E116A Oregano Oil 5ml $7.54
E116D Oregano Oil 60ml $40.19
E067B Palmarosa Oil 10ml $13.30
E067E Palmarosa Oil 125ml $71.35
E067H Palmarosa Oil 1L $356.18
E067F Palmarosa Oil 250ml $116.54
E067C Palmarosa Oil 30ml $27.18
E067G Palmarosa Oil 500ml $207.43
E067A Palmarosa Oil 5ml $9.50
E067D Palmarosa Oil 60ml $41.68
E117B Parsley Seed Oil 10ml $18.68
E117E Parsley Seed Oil 125ml $91.83
E117H Parsley Seed Oil 1L $515.23
E117F Parsley Seed Oil 250ml $145.02
E117C Parsley Seed Oil 30ml $35.38
E117G Parsley Seed Oil 500ml $279.72
E117A Parsley Seed Oil 5ml $12.19
E117D Parsley Seed Oil 60ml $54.37
E069B Patchouli Oil 10ml $12.03
E069E Patchouli Oil 120ml $59.46
E069H Patchouli Oil 1L $325.45
E069F Patchouli Oil 250ml $96.70
E069C Patchouli Oil 30ml $21.85
E069G Patchouli Oil 500ml $183.45
E069A Patchouli Oil 5ml $6.99
E069D Patchouli Oil 60ml $36.20
E070B Peppermint Oil 10ml $7.11
E070E Peppermint Oil 125ml $26.48
E070H Peppermint Oil 1L $126.04
E070F Peppermint Oil 250ml $41.76
E070C Peppermint Oil 30ml $11.87
E070G Peppermint Oil 500ml $73.62
E070A Peppermint Oil 5ml $6.39
E070D Peppermint Oil 60ml $16.56
E072B Petitgrain Oil 10ml $11.57
E072E Petitgrain Oil 125ml $63.61
E072H Petitgrain Oil 1L $336.21
E072F Petitgrain Oil 250ml $103.64
E072C Petitgrain Oil 30ml $24.54
E072G Petitgrain Oil 500ml $184.91
E072A Petitgrain Oil 5ml $8.96
E072D Petitgrain Oil 60ml $37.35
E074B Pine Oil Scotch 10ml $8.23
E074E Pine Oil Scotch 125ml $35.79
E074H Pine Oil Scotch 1L $175.67
E074F Pine Oil Scotch 250ml $57.27
E074C Pine Oil Scotch 30ml $15.04
E074G Pine Oil Scotch 500ml $101.52
E074A Pine Oil Scotch 5ml $7.03
E074D Pine Oil Scotch 60ml $21.77
E077B Rose Otto Oil 10ml $418.32
E077E Rose Otto Oil 125ml $2,161.97
E077H Rose Otto Oil 1L $9,464.75
E077F Rose Otto Oil 250ml $3,910.33
E077C Rose Otto Oil 30ml $986.65
E077G Rose Otto Oil 500ml $5,876.81
E077A Rose Otto Oil 5ml $292.17
E077D Rose Otto Oil 60ml $1,377.49
E078B Rosemary Oil Spanish 10ml $7.95
E078E Rosemary Oil Spanish 125ml $32.80
E078H Rosemary Oil Spanish 1L $155.73
E078F Rosemary Oil Spanish 250ml $52.29
E078C Rosemary Oil Spanish 30ml $14.02
E078G Rosemary Oil Spanish 500ml $91.87
E078A Rosemary Oil Spanish 5ml $6.83
E078D Rosemary Oil Spanish 60ml $20.10
E123B Rosemary Oil Tunisian 10ml $8.41
E123E Rosemary Oil Tunisian 125ml $37.35
E123H Rosemary Oil Tunisian 1L $183.99
E123F Rosemary Oil Tunisian 250ml $59.87
E123C Rosemary Oil Tunisian 30ml $15.58
E123G Rosemary Oil Tunisian 500ml $106.19
E123A Rosemary Oil Tunisian 5ml $7.14
E123D Rosemary Oil Tunisian 60ml $22.64
E079B Rosewood Oil 10ml $16.64
E079E Rosewood Oil 125ml $95.44
E079H Rosewood Oil 1L $481.49
E079F Rosewood Oil 250ml $156.70
E079C Rosewood Oil 30ml $35.41
E079G Rosewood Oil 500ml $279.68
E079A Rosewood Oil 5ml $11.17
E079D Rosewood Oil 60ml $55.18
E125B Sage Oil 10ml $9.27
E125E Sage Oil 120ml $41.06
E125H Sage Oil 1L $221.19
E125F Sage Oil 250ml $66.04
E125C Sage Oil 30ml $15.41
E125G Sage Oil 500ml $125.18
E125A Sage Oil 5ml $5.45
E125D Sage Oil 60ml $25.16
E080B Sandalwood Oil 10ml $93.47
E080E Sandalwood Oil 120ml $700.67
E080H Sandalwood Oil 1L $3,479.85
E080F Sandalwood Oil 250ml $1,474.63
E080C Sandalwood Oil 30ml $221.38
E080G Sandalwood Oil 500ml $2,236.32
E080A Sandalwood Oil 5ml $51.46
E080D Sandalwood Oil 60ml $389.14
E081B Spearmint Oil 10ml $8.63
E081E Spearmint Oil 125ml $37.71
E081H Spearmint Oil 1L $181.28
E081F Spearmint Oil 250ml $60.48
E081C Spearmint Oil 30ml $15.70
E081G Spearmint Oil 500ml $106.60
E081A Spearmint Oil 5ml $7.17
E081D Spearmint Oil 60ml $22.85
E149B Spruce Oil 10ml $6.76
E149E Spruce Oil 120ml $24.27
E149H Spruce Oil 1L $126.04
E149F Spruce Oil 250ml $38.05
E149C Spruce Oil 30ml $9.53
E149G Spruce Oil 500ml $72.01
E149A Spruce Oil 5ml $4.05
E149D Spruce Oil 60ml $15.09
E127B Tagetes Oil 10ml $18.18
E127E Tagetes Oil 125ml $88.79
E127H Tagetes Oil 1L $497.74
E127F Tagetes Oil 250ml $140.16
E127C Tagetes Oil 30ml $34.30
E127G Tagetes Oil 500ml $270.28
E127A Tagetes Oil 5ml $11.94
E127D Tagetes Oil 60ml $52.62
E083B Tea Tree Oil 10ml $8.50
E083E Tea Tree Oil 125ml $36.73
E083H Tea Tree Oil 1L $176.19
E083F Tea Tree Oil 250ml $58.85
E083C Tea Tree Oil 30ml $15.37
E083G Tea Tree Oil 500ml $103.66
E083A Tea Tree Oil 5ml $7.10
E083D Tea Tree Oil 60ml $22.30
E129B Thyme Oil Linalol 10ml $10.90
E129E Thyme Oil Linalol 120ml $51.90
E129H Thyme Oil Linalol 1L $282.63
E129F Thyme Oil Linalol 250ml $84.11
E129C Thyme Oil Linalol 30ml $19.21
E129G Thyme Oil Linalol 500ml $159.51
E129A Thyme Oil Linalol 5ml $6.36
E129D Thyme Oil Linalol 60ml $31.67
E084B Valerian Root Oil 10ml $22.78
E084E Valerian Root Oil 120ml $178.62
E084H Valerian Root Oil 1L $958.75
E084F Valerian Root Oil 250ml $351.24
E084C Valerian Root Oil 30ml $54.30
E084G Valerian Root Oil 500ml $628.29
E084A Valerian Root Oil 5ml $12.38
E084D Valerian Root Oil 60ml $98.63
E088B Vetiver Oil 10ml $24.90
E088E Vetiver Oil 125ml $167.23
E088H Vetiver Oil 1L $949.58
E088F Vetiver Oil 250ml $292.24
E088C Vetiver Oil 30ml $62.41
E088G Vetiver Oil 500ml $541.67
E088A Vetiver Oil 5ml $16.62
E088D Vetiver Oil 60ml $97.81
E089B Ylang Ylang Oil III 10ml $12.36
E089E Ylang Ylang Oil III 125ml $70.23
E089H Ylang Ylang Oil III 1L $359.37
E089F Ylang Ylang Oil III 250ml $114.68
E089C Ylang Ylang Oil III 30ml $26.80
E089G Ylang Ylang Oil III 500ml $204.77
E089A Ylang Ylang Oil III 5ml $9.42
E089D Ylang Ylang Oil III 60ml $41.06

  • Did you know that you often get more than the stated amount as we fill the bottles up, rather than just to the shoulder or stated amount fill line?
    Essential oils in glass bottles:
    When you buy - you get
    5 ml - 5.2 ml
    30 ml - 32 ml
    120 ml - 125 ml
    500 ml - 511 ml

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