all uses fragrances

  • All the fragrances in this category are formulated for use in cold process soap and have been soap tested
  • The fragrances in this subcategory can be used in most any personal care product and also in candles
  • There are some other fragrances that we have used in cp soap with no problems; honeysuckle and rhubarb, but they are not included in this subcategory as they are DPG based and most people have problems working with these types of fragrances in soap
  • Remember to always test any new fragrance in your formula

Code Name Price  
F003G Apple Blossoms Fragrance 11.34kg $603.75
F003C Apple Blossoms Fragrance 120ml $13.60
F003F Apple Blossoms Fragrance 1L $68.79
F003D Apple Blossoms Fragrance 250ml $23.06
F003A Apple Blossoms Fragrance 30ml $5.01
F003E Apple Blossoms Fragrance 500ml $40.01
F003B Apple Blossoms Fragrance 60ml $8.38
F004G Apricots & Peaches Fragrance 5L $402.29
F004C Apricots & Peaches Fragrance 120ml $17.76
F004F Apricots & Peaches Fragrance 1L $90.74
F004D Apricots & Peaches Fragrance 250ml $30.28
F004A Apricots & Peaches Fragrance 30ml $6.40
F004E Apricots & Peaches Fragrance 500ml $52.72
F004B Apricots & Peaches Fragrance 60ml $10.87
F123C Baby Soft Fragrance 120ml $14.88
F123F Baby Soft Fragrance 1L $75.54
F123D Baby Soft Fragrance 250ml $25.28
F123A Baby Soft Fragrance 30ml $5.44
F123E Baby Soft Fragrance 500ml $43.92
F123B Baby Soft Fragrance 60ml $9.14
F132C Blackberry Fragrance 120ml $16.56
F132F Blackberry Fragrance 1L $80.52
F132D Blackberry Fragrance 250ml $27.85
F132A Blackberry Fragrance 30ml $6.90
F132E Blackberry Fragrance 500ml $47.11
F132G Blackberry Fragrance 5L $360.23
F132B Blackberry Fragrance 60ml $10.53
F133C Blueberry Fragrance 120ml $16.82
F133F Blueberry Fragrance 1L $81.85
F133D Blueberry Fragrance 250ml $28.30
F133A Blueberry Fragrance 30ml $6.99
F133E Blueberry Fragrance 500ml $47.88
F133G Blueberry Fragrance 5L $366.15
F133B Blueberry Fragrance 60ml $10.69
F034C Christmas Splendor Fragrance 120ml $17.92
F034F Christmas Splendor Fragrance 1L $91.59
F034D Christmas Splendor Fragrance 250ml $30.56
F034A Christmas Splendor Fragrance 30ml $6.45
F034E Christmas Splendor Fragrance 500ml $53.21
F034B Christmas Splendor Fragrance 60ml $10.97
F006G Cinnamon Bun Fragrance 11.34kg $780.00
F006C Cinnamon Bun Fragrance 120ml $17.36
F006F Cinnamon Bun Fragrance 1L $88.63
F006D Cinnamon Bun Fragrance 250ml $29.59
F006A Cinnamon Bun Fragrance 30ml $6.27
F006E Cinnamon Bun Fragrance 500ml $51.50
F006B Cinnamon Bun Fragrance 60ml $10.63
F035G Citrus Jewels Fragrance 11.34kg $832.50
F035C Citrus Jewels Fragrance 120ml $18.48
F035F Citrus Jewels Fragrance 1L $94.54
F035D Citrus Jewels Fragrance 250ml $31.53
F035A Citrus Jewels Fragrance 30ml $6.64
F035E Citrus Jewels Fragrance 500ml $54.92
F035B Citrus Jewels Fragrance 60ml $11.30
F124G Citrus Sorbet Fragrance 11.34kg $765.00
F124C Citrus Sorbet Fragrance 120ml $17.04
F124F Citrus Sorbet Fragrance 1L $86.94
F124D Citrus Sorbet Fragrance 250ml $29.03
F124A Citrus Sorbet Fragrance 30ml $6.16
F124E Citrus Sorbet Fragrance 500ml $50.52
F124B Citrus Sorbet Fragrance 60ml $10.44
F017G Coconut Fragrance 11.34kg $637.50
F017C Coconut Fragrance 120ml $14.32
F017F Coconut Fragrance 1L $72.59
F017D Coconut Fragrance 250ml $24.31
F017A Coconut Fragrance 30ml $5.25
F017E Coconut Fragrance 500ml $42.21
F017B Coconut Fragrance 60ml $8.81
F019C Crisp Breeze Fragrance 120ml $19.68
F019F Crisp Breeze Fragrance 1L $100.87
F019D Crisp Breeze Fragrance 250ml $33.61
F019A Crisp Breeze Fragrance 30ml $7.04
F019E Crisp Breeze Fragrance 500ml $58.59
F019B Crisp Breeze Fragrance 60ml $12.02
F134C Cucumber Melon Fragrance 120ml $15.92
F134F Cucumber Melon Fragrance 1L $81.03
F134D Cucumber Melon Fragrance 250ml $27.09
F134A Cucumber Melon Fragrance 30ml $5.79
F134E Cucumber Melon Fragrance 500ml $47.10
F134B Cucumber Melon Fragrance 60ml $9.77
F024C English Rain Fragrance 120ml $17.85
F024F English Rain Fragrance 1L $90.42
F024D English Rain Fragrance 250ml $30.44
F024A English Rain Fragrance 30ml $6.43
F024E English Rain Fragrance 500ml $53.01
F024B English Rain Fragrance 60ml $10.93
F030C Frangipani Fragrance 120ml $13.12
F030F Frangipani Fragrance 1L $66.25
F030D Frangipani Fragrance 250ml $22.23
F030A Frangipani Fragrance 30ml $4.85
F030E Frangipani Fragrance 500ml $38.55
F030B Frangipani Fragrance 60ml $8.09
F032C Freesia Fragrance 120ml $16.25
F032F Freesia Fragrance 1L $81.99
F032D Freesia Fragrance 250ml $27.67
F032A Freesia Fragrance 30ml $5.90
F032E Freesia Fragrance 500ml $48.13
F032B Freesia Fragrance 60ml $9.97
F110C Grape Fragrance 120ml $14.92
F110F Grape Fragrance 1L $72.14
F110D Grape Fragrance 250ml $25.01
F110A Grape Fragrance 30ml $6.27
F110E Grape Fragrance 500ml $42.23
F110G Grape Fragrance 5L $322.73
F110B Grape Fragrance 60ml $9.51
F125G Green Apple Fragrance 11.34kg $896.25
F125C Green Apple Fragrance 120ml $19.84
F125F Green Apple Fragrance 1L $101.72
F125D Green Apple Fragrance 250ml $33.89
F125A Green Apple Fragrance 30ml $7.09
F125E Green Apple Fragrance 500ml $59.08
F125B Green Apple Fragrance 60ml $12.12
F126G Green Leaves Fragrance 11.34kg $517.50
F126C Green Leaves Fragrance 120ml $11.76
F126F Green Leaves Fragrance 1L $59.08
F126D Green Leaves Fragrance 250ml $19.86
F126A Green Leaves Fragrance 30ml $4.40
F126E Green Leaves Fragrance 500ml $34.39
F126B Green Leaves Fragrance 60ml $7.27
F127G Green Tea Fragrance 11.34kg $787.50
F127C Green Tea Fragrance 120ml $17.52
F127F Green Tea Fragrance 1L $89.47
F127D Green Tea Fragrance 250ml $29.86
F127A Green Tea Fragrance 30ml $6.32
F127E Green Tea Fragrance 500ml $51.99
F127B Green Tea Fragrance 60ml $10.73
F135H Heather Fragrance 12.5L $817.31
F135C Heather Fragrance 120ml $17.16
F135F Heather Fragrance 1L $83.54
F135D Heather Fragrance 250ml $28.87
F135A Heather Fragrance 30ml $7.12
F135G Heather Fragrance 4L $298.91
F135E Heather Fragrance 500ml $48.86
F135B Heather Fragrance 60ml $10.89
F128C Hemp Nut Fragrance 120ml $19.60
F128F Hemp Nut Fragrance 1L $100.45
F128D Hemp Nut Fragrance 250ml $33.47
F128A Hemp Nut Fragrance 30ml $7.01
F128E Hemp Nut Fragrance 500ml $58.34
F128B Hemp Nut Fragrance 60ml $11.97
F043C Hyacinth Fragrance 120ml $18.17
F043F Hyacinth Fragrance 1L $92.07
F043D Hyacinth Fragrance 250ml $30.99
F043A Hyacinth Fragrance 30ml $6.54
F043E Hyacinth Fragrance 500ml $53.97
F043B Hyacinth Fragrance 60ml $11.12
F044C Jasmine Fragrance 120ml $22.75
F044F Jasmine Fragrance 1L $116.26
F044D Jasmine Fragrance 250ml $38.94
F044A Jasmine Fragrance 30ml $8.06
F044E Jasmine Fragrance 500ml $67.97
F044B Jasmine Fragrance 60ml $13.87
F046C Lavender Fragrance 120ml $18.90
F046F Lavender Fragrance 1L $95.95
F046D Lavender Fragrance 250ml $32.26
F046A Lavender Fragrance 30ml $6.78
F046E Lavender Fragrance 500ml $56.21
F046B Lavender Fragrance 60ml $11.56
F136C Lemon Fragrance 120ml $16.14
F136F Lemon Fragrance 1L $78.38
F136D Lemon Fragrance 250ml $27.12
F136A Lemon Fragrance 30ml $6.74
F136E Lemon Fragrance 500ml $45.86
F136G Lemon Fragrance 5L $297.42
F136B Lemon Fragrance 60ml $10.27
F049H Lilac Fragrance 12.5L $1,236.77
F049C Lilac Fragrance 120ml $25.47
F049F Lilac Fragrance 1L $125.84
F049D Lilac Fragrance 250ml $43.20
F049A Lilac Fragrance 30ml $10.27
F049G Lilac Fragrance 4L $450.31
F049E Lilac Fragrance 500ml $73.47
F049B Lilac Fragrance 60ml $16.03
F050C Lily of The Valley Fragrance 120ml $13.88
F050F Lily of The Valley Fragrance 1L $66.85
F050D Lily of The Valley Fragrance 250ml $23.22
F050A Lily of The Valley Fragrance 30ml $5.88
F050E Lily of The Valley Fragrance 500ml $39.16
F050G Lily of The Valley Fragrance 5L $264.61
F050B Lily of The Valley Fragrance 60ml $8.86
F113C Magnolia Fragrance 120ml $19.25
F113F Magnolia Fragrance 1L $97.81
F113D Magnolia Fragrance 250ml $32.88
F113A Magnolia Fragrance 30ml $6.90
F113E Magnolia Fragrance 500ml $57.29
F113B Magnolia Fragrance 60ml $11.77
F013C Mango Fragrance 120ml $16.02
F013F Mango Fragrance 1L $77.75
F013D Mango Fragrance 250ml $26.91
F013A Mango Fragrance 30ml $6.69
F013E Mango Fragrance 500ml $45.50
F013G Mango Fragrance 5L $272.09
F013B Mango Fragrance 60ml $10.19
F054C Maple Fragrance 120ml $18.47
F054F Maple Fragrance 1L $90.23
F054D Maple Fragrance 250ml $31.14
F054A Maple Fragrance 30ml $7.62
F054E Maple Fragrance 500ml $52.76
F054G Maple Fragrance 5L $403.65
F054B Maple Fragrance 60ml $11.70
F038C Nag Champa Fragrance 120ml $20.52
F038F Nag Champa Fragrance 1L $100.64
F038D Nag Champa Fragrance 250ml $34.66
F038A Nag Champa Fragrance 30ml $8.40
F038E Nag Champa Fragrance 500ml $58.81
F038G Nag Champa Fragrance 5L $347.99
F038B Nag Champa Fragrance 60ml $12.97
F065C Neroli Fragrance 120ml $16.25
F065F Neroli Fragrance 1L $81.99
F065D Neroli Fragrance 250ml $27.67
F065A Neroli Fragrance 30ml $5.90
F065E Neroli Fragrance 500ml $48.13
F065B Neroli Fragrance 60ml $9.97
F118C Plumberry Fragrance 120ml $21.92
F118F Plumberry Fragrance 1L $112.69
F118D Plumberry Fragrance 250ml $37.50
F118A Plumberry Fragrance 30ml $7.79
F118E Plumberry Fragrance 500ml $65.43
F118B Plumberry Fragrance 60ml $13.37
F114C Raspberry Fragrance 120ml $15.67
F114F Raspberry Fragrance 1L $75.96
F114D Raspberry Fragrance 250ml $26.30
F114A Raspberry Fragrance 30ml $6.56
F114E Raspberry Fragrance 500ml $44.45
F114G Raspberry Fragrance 5L $301.07
F114B Raspberry Fragrance 60ml $9.97
F094G Rose English Fragrance 5L $464.10
F094C Rose English Fragrance 120ml $20.25
F094F Rose Engish Fragrance 1L $99.28
F094D Rose English Fragrance 250ml $34.20
F094A Rose English Fragrance 30ml $8.29
F094E Rose English Fragrance 500ml $58.02
F094B Rose English Fragrance 60ml $12.80
F002G Sandalwood Fragrance 11.34kg $660.00
F002C Sandalwood Fragrance 120ml $14.80
F002F Sandalwood Fragrance 1L $75.12
F002D Sandalwood Fragrance 250ml $25.14
F002A Sandalwood Fragrance 30ml $5.41
F002E Sandalwood Fragrance 500ml $43.68
F002B Sandalwood Fragrance 60ml $9.10
F138C Season's Spice Fragrance 120ml $12.28
F138F Season's Spice Fragrance 1L $61.03
F138D Season's Spice Fragrance 250ml $20.78
F138A Season's Spice Fragrance 30ml $4.57
F138E Season's Spice Fragrance 500ml $35.99
F138B Season's Spice Fragrance 60ml $7.59
F139C Spring Blooms Fragrance 120ml $22.20
F139F Spring Blooms Fragrance 1L $109.22
F139D Spring Blooms Fragrance 250ml $37.57
F139A Spring Blooms Fragrance 30ml $9.04
F139E Spring Blooms Fragrance 500ml $63.80
F139G Spring Blooms Fragrance 5L $434.68
F139B Spring Blooms Fragrance 60ml $14.01
F089C Strawberry Fragrance 120ml $16.28
F089F Strawberry Fragrance 1L $82.14
F089D Strawberry Fragrance 250ml $27.72
F089A Strawberry Fragrance 30ml $5.91
F089E Strawberry Fragrance 500ml $48.21
F089B Strawberry Fragrance 60ml $9.99
F122C Sweet Grass Fragrance 120ml $13.76
F122F Sweet Grass Fragrance 1L $66.23
F122D Sweet Grass Fragrance 250ml $23.01
F122A Sweet Grass Fragrance 30ml $5.83
F122E Sweet Grass Fragrance 500ml $38.80
F122G Sweet Grass Fragrance 5L $230.69
F122B Sweet Grass Fragrance 60ml $8.79
F140C Vanilla Creamy Fragrance 120ml $18.46
F140F Vanilla Creamy Fragrance 1L $90.18
F140D Vanilla Creamy Fragrance 250ml $31.12
F140A Vanilla Creamy Fragrance 30ml $7.62
F140E Vanilla Creamy Fragrance 500ml $52.73
F140G Vanilla Creamy Fragrance 5L $358.20
F140B Vanilla Creamy Fragrance 60ml $11.70
F101C Vanilla White Fragrance 120ml $13.37
F101F Vanilla White Fragrance 1L $64.25
F101D Vanilla White Fragrance 250ml $23.01
F101A Vanilla White Fragrance 30ml $5.68
F101E Vanilla White Fragrance 500ml $38.80
F101G Vanilla White Fragrance 5L $253.10
F101B Vanilla White Fragrance 60ml $8.55

  • Did you know that you get more than the stated amount as we fill the bottles up, rather than just to the shoulder or stated amount fill line?
    Fragrance oils in natural HDPE bottles:
    When you buy - you get
    30 ml - 37 ml
    60 ml - 67 ml
    120 ml - 130 ml
    250 ml - 269 ml
    500 ml - 511 ml
    1 L - 1.045 L
    4 L - 4.125 L

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